Nutrition for the Sporty Child and Adolescent

Ines is passionate about helping sporty families appreciate how important it is to support the growing body with adequate nutrition for normal growth, development and maturation, as well as good performance and recovery.

Children and adolescents that enjoy a busy sport schedule may quickly become run down without adequate nutrition and rest. Furthermore, inadequate food intake may result in significant nutritional deficiencies and possibly compromise growth and bone health.

Adequate nutrition may be a particularly challenging for children and adolescents that follow special diets (e.g. vegetarian) or even have limited preferences.

Ines can assess your individual child’s food intake and sporting demands to help simplify what foods to offer to ensure your child is getting enough energy, protein, hydration and vitamins and minerals.

Ines has completed her Sports Nutrition Course with Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) and ISAK Level 1 Anthropometry Accreditation. Ines can assist your child with any sport. She has a special interest in sports such as rowing.

Are you unsure if Ines can help you and your child? Ines would be more than happy to answer your question, just contact Ines here.