I will show you how to get your child to feed them self willingly, independently, and attuned to their appetite.

I look at the whole child.

Your child’s feeding experience is influenced by many factors, in particular: their environment, any medical issues, psychological elements, sensory system, oral motor skill and nutrition status.
Eating is learned behaviour and one of the most complex tasks that a human needs to coordinate. It makes sense that it can take time to learn how to do it in a way that results in eating a wide range of foods. If it’s doesn’t work well for a child, challenges them beyond comfort or causes them pain, then a child will naturally opt out. If your child is not enjoying eating, I can help.

Who can benefit from seeing me?

  • Children that run away from food
  • Children that can’t bear to touch food
  • Children that do not eat vegetables
  • Children that won’t sit at the table to eat dinner
  • Children that need to watch a smart phone, tablet or TV to eat meals
  • Children that won’t chew meat
  • Children that will only eat food that is presented in perfectly cut triangles or a particular colour
  • Children that are fussy or picky or difficult to feed
  • Children that run away from food
  • Children that can’t bear to touch food
  • Parents that want to ensure that their child is getting adequate nutrition for age and development
  • Parents that want to understand what is developmentally appropriate for their child
  • Parents that want to prevent feeding problems
  • Parents that want their children to eat family meals

I can help…

  • Understand what is affecting your child ‘s feeding problem and how to tackle it
  • Assess the nutritional adequacy of your child’s food intake
  • Give you practical suggestions and steps to help your child eat family meals
  • Show you how to teach your child self feeding skills
  • Show you how to encourage your child’s natural feeding development

I empathise when it comes to the many challenges parents may face when it comes to feeding their child/ren. Even more so if the child is described as a fussy or picky eater, problem feeder, having poor growth, not gaining weight, overweight, or reacting to food.
I have completed my Paediatric Nutrition & Dietetics (Unit 1) certificate and also trained in the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding.

The SOS Approach to Feeding is a multifaceted therapy approach to assessing children that are problem feeders, picky eaters, or have food aversions. It looks at the whole child (medical, psychology, sensory system, oral motor skill and nutrition) to assess what may be challenging the feeding process.

When we bring it all together, I effectively work with parents to help assess, identify and understand what may be influencing their child’s eating experience, skills and behaviour; to enable steps that may help improve the feeding challenges and have their child progressively eating to their good appetite.
Are you unsure if I can help you and your child? I would be more than happy to answer your question, just contact me here.