Pressure on Children’s Eating Always Backfires

I highly recommend this great article by the Ellyn Satter Institute titled ‘Avoid Pressure’.

 My take is, that PRESSURE can affect children’s eating problems such as fussy eating or food refusal, in an unhelpful way and only exacerbates the problem. The part that I think is well worth pondering is that pressure can come in all sorts of ways – positive or negative and can be difficult to detect! 

Negative pressure can be coaxing, withholding dessert or physically forcing – it usually feels very stressful for everyone and meal times can become a struggle.

Positive pressure, even though it may seem positive such as praising, applauding, talking about nutrition or even hiding vegetables, it can ultimately lead to more resistance from the child and tends to be more problematic!

A great final quote from the article: “Pressure can be hard to detect: Ask yourself why you are doing something with feeding. Is it to get your child to eat more, less or different food than he does on his own? If so, it is pressure.” 

You can read more here

Ines Astudillo, paediatric dietitian

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