Media that promotes diet culture and body shaming 

A colleague of mine posted about an issue that left me overwhelmed with disbelief. It’s an issue that I think deserves a bit of attention. It’s about a book (and possibly others like it) that is still in circulation as a School reader called “Mum’s Diet”. Its content is beyond alarming, promoting diet culture, body shaming, food and body hate and disordered eating. Unfortunately these themes are echoed in many forms of media, an increasing concern as our children grow and access more of it. The link elaborates on this particular book, however my aim for sharing is to raise awareness about the kind of content that is appropriate for giving our children positive messages about good relationships with food and body image. And that it might be worth checking the content of the readers that are coming home so you can decide whether it’s appropriate for your child. You can also bring it to the attention of the school if it’s a really unhelpful book. 
Remember food is not good or bad. Food is food. Food has a range of wonderful properties and reasons for enjoyment. There are a number of ways to share a more neutral food message. I talk about everyday foods and sometimes foods. I encourage learning how to listen and trust body cues for eating and appetite regulation.
I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Ines Astudillo, paediatric dietitian

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