Better Nutrition offers busy families nutrition consultations ONLINE and in the comfort of your own space.

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Prepay your consultation at the time of booking and get a 15mins follow-up session for free! Choose the ‘Initial plus freebie’ option when you book.

Our Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist (APD, AN), Ines Astudillo has special expertise in four main paediatric nutrition areas:

Although this is an online service, Ines is a real person working from her office in Brisbane, with all the qualifications and insurance necessary to work with you and your child.

Ines is passionate about nutrition and can’t help but having a ‘get to the bottom of it’ approach to her practice. Ines respects that each child and family is different and unique; deserving personalised advice and recommendations. She really just wants to support you and she believes listening to you is essential.

Ines has worked with many families in a range of complex nutrition areas such as 2yo to 5yo with extreme fussy eating affecting growth; food intolerance; and iron deficiency anaemia in the adolescent female rower; or creating meal plans to support training needs.

You can book your online consultation here.

Prepay your online consultation at the time of booking and get a complementary 15mins follow-up session! Choose the ‘Initial plus freebie’ when you book. Yes this is refundable if you change your mind.

Set up your online Skype account

Once you have booked your appointment, check that you have all the technical bits set up:

  • Download Skype here on your computer/laptop/tablet or phone.
  • Create a Skype account and add your dietitian’s Skype name: ines.astudillobn
  • Test that your audio and video are all working here.

On the day of your online consultation

On the day of your online appointment, find yourself a quiet space (relatively) free from interruptions (easier said than done with busy kids!) so you can focus on getting the most out of the consult. We understand that is not always (or ever!) possible, and we are happy to get the most we can out of a session if the kids do need to be in the background.

It can be handy to have computer access in case your dietitian shares files with you. However, you can use your tablet or smart phone – just make sure you have enough battery.

What to expect from your online initial consultation

At the time of your appointment, send your dietitian a Skype message to let her know that you’re ready and waiting. She will then video call you.

After a quick check that you can hear and see each other okay, the initial consultation begins and will last for about 45mins to 1 hr.

Your dietitian will assess your child’s nutritional needs based on the information that you share with her. It is important that you think about what you’d like to discuss in the session beforehand. Ensure to complete the client information form available at the time of booking to communicate important information about what is going on for your child.

To get to know your child better, your dietitian will gather relevant details about your child’s development, growth and health history, any relevant symptom history and current diet. With this, she can tailor her advice and recommendations for your child, in a practical useful way.


Q: Can I claim on my health fund or use a Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan?

A: Unfortunately, you are not able to claim Skype consultations on your health fund or use a Medicare CDM plan. Both usually require the consultation to be face-to-face. Check with your health fund anyway to see if you can claim.

You may search for an Accredited Practising Dietitian that offers CDM plan rebates on the Dietitians Association of Australia website.

Q: How do I make payment for my consultation?

A: You may choose to prepay (via PayPal) for your consultation at the time of making your appointment. Select the ‘Pay Now’ option when booking using the online form. Alternatively, you may choose to ‘Pay Later’ and your dietitian will email you a PayPal invoice.

Are you unsure if Ines can help you and your child? Ines would be more than happy to answer your question, just contact Ines here.